Policies and Documents

IRS 501.C3 Tax Exemption Letter

Click here to download a PDF of our IRS 501.C3 Tax Exemption Letter.

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W-9 for College Accounting Offices

Advisors, should your account office need a copy of the W-9, please log in to the advisor web site to access this document.

Psi Beta Governance Policy

Click here to download a PDF of the Psi Beta Governance Policy.

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Click here to download a PDF of the Psi Beta Bylaws.

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Privacy Policy

Any Personally Identifiable Information provided by you will be used in the following manner.

  • Your Name and Chapter will be listed in the New Member section of both the online (Internet) and printed newsletter.
  • Your Name and Address will be supplied to a third party for the purpose of mailing newsletters. This company is prohibited from disseminating this information.
  • All of your information will be supplied to SyCom Services Corporation (a third party) who manages our distribution center and prints certificates and membership cards. SyCom will not distribute ANY information that violates this policy.
  • Your racial, ethnic, and demographic information (if you elect to supply the information) will be used for two purposes ONLY: 1) to determine the characteristics and trends of the member population and 2) to provide members with information about additional educational and professional development opportunities.

State Liasons

The council may appoint State Liaisons to help carry out its responsibilities. State Liaisons should be active Psi Beta faculty advisors. There are no limitations on the duration of service as a State Liaison.

State Liaisons will contact the faculty advisor of each active and short-term inactive chapter in his/her state during the first and last quarters of the academic year, at least, via email or telephone to ask about concerns, needs, praises and ideas for improving the service to chapters. Questions for surveys can be submitted by the Council, Executive Director or Director of Chapter Relations.

State Liaisons report to their regional vice-presidents and will represent the faculty advisors of their state.

The Executive Director will provide information annually on the Council’s ends, policies, surveys to the State Liaisons.

The State Liaison’s function is to get the “feel of the grass roots” about Psi Beta’s present and future goals.

Sub Policies