Award Submissions

Ann G. Robinson College Life Award

  • Carroll Community College – Solicited food donations from the community and raised $1,500 in scholarship money for Psi Beta transfer students (Professor Laura Bittner, Zoe Richardson, Psi Beta Chapter secretary)
  • Mesa(AZ)_CC– Maslow’s Food Closet – a food pantry for needy students (Professor Ann Ewing)
  • Blinn_CC  – Psychology lecture series – (Professor Katherine Wickes)
  • Saddleback_CC – Organized and staged “Mental Health Awareness Week” on their campus (Professor Amira Wegenek)

Carol Tracy Community Service Award – Chapter

  • Chapter_Community_Service_AlleghenyCounty_NCampus (Professors Allison Caveglia Barash and Anne Louise Dailey) Sold baked goods, coffee, pink ribbon items, member created theme baskets to raise money to benefit the Susan G. Komen for the (breast cancer) Cure Charity ($5,000 raised over the past 5 years. This year the chapter featured two breast cancer survivors.
  • Chapter_Community_Service_VirWesterCC (Professor Lora Vasiliauskas, Chapter President Jamie Kaylene Turner) – 350 hours of volunteer work at the Ronald McDonald House, in addition to 7 other community service projects.
  • Chapter_Community_Service_Mesa(AZ)_CC  – Maslow’s Food Closet – a food pantry for needy students (Professor Ann Ewing)
  • Chapter_Community_Service_Blinn – Gathered donations and held a silent auction to raise $400, organized various events to support chosen charities – (Professor Katherine Wickes)
  • Chapter_Community_Service_CollinCountyCollegeCollin College – Poetry Night: A collaborative community service project involving a rape crises center and campus counseling services (Professor Jennifer O’Loughlin-Brooks)

Virginia Staudt Sexton National Faculty Advisor of the Year Award

Individual Community Service Award