Starting a New Chapter

Starting a new Psi Beta chapter is not difficult. This guide will help you complete the application process as quickly as possible. First, every chapter must have an advisor; many chapters have several. Chapter advisors must possess a Masters or higher in Psychology or a closely related field (e.g., counseling or educational psychology). It is this person, the “primary advisor,” who goes about the task of completing the necessary application form and letter of support and forwarding them to the Psi Beta National Office.

Next, the National Council (essentially, Psi Beta’s board of directors) will review the application form to verify that it contains all the required information. If the application is fine, the Council will approve the new chapter. The new advisor is then given logon status to the Advisor area within the Psi Beta website. Once there, he or she can then input the names and contact information for the charter members – the first set of students ever to be inducted by your new Psi Beta chapter! The Psi Beta National Office will then prepare membership certificates and pins for the new members, and send them all in a single shipment directly to the chapter’s primary advisor. The new chapter can then host its very first induction ceremony!

To start the process, please download the electronic application form and the guideline document. These files include further instructions.

Chapter Application Form

This electronic form asks required information (e.g., name of the college, when the college was last accredited, name of advisor, etc.). Use the overview guide to assist you as you complete the form. Finally, the application requires a letter of support from your college president and your dean or vice-president of instruction (see the overview guide for a letter template).

Download Chapter Application Form

Application Overview and Guide

Click the link below to download full set of instructions for applying to open a Psi Beta Chapter.

Download Application Overview and Guide

Charter Fee Invoice

This document provides the fee for chartering a new chapter ($150) and where the fee must be sent.

Download Charter Fee Invoice