Starting a New Chapter

Starting a new Psi Beta chapter takes a little time. This guide will help you complete the application process as quickly as possible. First, every chapter must have an advisor; many have several. Chapter advisors must possess a Masters or higher in Psychology or a closely related field (e.g., counseling or educational psychology). It is this person, the “primary advisor,” who goes about the task of completing the necessary application forms and sending them to the Psi Beta National Office.

Next, the National Council will review the application papers to verify that they contain all the required information. If the forms are fine, the Council will approve the new chapter. The new advisor is then given logon status to the Advisor area within the Psi Beta website. Once there, he or she then inputs the names and contact information for the charter members –the first set of students ever to be inducted by the new Psi Beta chapter! – and creates an invoice that reflects the amount due the Psi Beta National Office to prepare membership certificates, ID cards, and pins for the new members. Once payment is received, the National Office sends all materials to the chapter advisor and the new chapter can host its very first induction ceremony!

To start the process, please print and prepare the following. The documents include further instructions.

Chapter Application Form

This one-page form asks basic information (e.g., name of the college, when the college was last accredited, name of advisor, etc.). The form includes a helpful checklist – everything that must be submitted to make your application complete. Finally, the form require signatures of support from your college president and your dean or vice-president of instruction.

Download Chapter Application Form

Letter Stating the GPA Standard for Membership

The letter should be written (on college letterhead) by the college registrar, academic dean, or college research office. The letter should specify the top 35% GPA cut-off for fulltime students (a fulltime student is one who is enrolled in 12 or more units) attending the college, and that each student in the charter group has earned at least 12 units of college credit, has a cumulative GPA that is within the top 35% GPA at the college, and has completed at least one psychology course with a grade of “B” or higher. If this information is difficult to acquire from the registrar, dean, or research office, the advisor can instead submit a letter (on college letterhead) affirming that each student applying for charter membership has completed at least 12 units of college work, has a cumulative GPA of 3.25 or higher, and has completed at least one college psychology course with a grade of “B” or higher. Note that these figures represent minimum qualifications; chapters can choose to raise the minimum GPA higher than the top 35% of fulltime students or above the 3.0 overall GPA.

Letter of Understanding

The chapter advisor must sign and date this form. This form lists the responsibilities expected of all Psi Beta advisors.

Download Advisor Letter of Understanding

Chapter Bylaws

Each chapter must have bylaws. You are invited to download the sample bylaws and revise them as your own. Be sure, however, that your bylaws reflect the minimum eligibility requirements (3.25 GPA, etc.) for membership in Psi Beta. (Your chapter can raise the membership standards beyond the minimum, but cannot lower them.)

Download Sample Bylaws

List Psychology Courses

On a single page, list the psychology courses offered at your college. Provide the name of the course, and the number of credits/units that student earn for each course. Don’t bother to list courses that your department rarely offers. Course descriptions are not needed. For example:

  • Introduction to Psychology – 3.0 units
  • Developmental Psychology – 3.0 units
  • Abnormal Behavior – 3.0 units
  • Etc.

List Psychology Faculty

On a single page, list the names of the psychology faculty who teach in your department. For each instructor, please provide his/her name, degrees, specialization, and where obtained. For example:

  • Fred Adams, BA Psychology, University of Michigan; PhD Clinical Psychology, University of Michigan.
  • Sandra Billings, BA Sociology, CSU Long Beach; MA Psychology, CSU Chico State.
  • Robert Davis, BA Psychology, Wayne State; PhD Educational Psychology, University of Illinois.
  • Roberta Jennings, BA Economics, Montana State; PhD Cognitive Psychology, University of South Dakota.
  • Marla Kowalski, BA Psychology, Cal Poly Pomona; MA Counseling, Florida State University

Student Member Application

Each petitioning student member must complete a copy of this form. Students list the psychology courses they have completed, courses in which they are currently enrolled, and provide their signature as acceptance of Psi Beta’s bylaws and policies. Note: The application needs to include completed forms for just two students. Even though you may have more than two students who are eligible, save time and paperwork by submitting just two completed student forms.

Download Student Member Application

Charter Fee Invoice

This document provides the fee for chartering a new chapter ($150) and where the fee must be sent.

Download Charter Fee Invoice