Sample Bylaws

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Article I. Name

The official name of this honor society in psychology, recognized by the Student Government Association, is the (college name) Psi Beta Chapter.

Article II. Purpose

The purposes of this organization are:

A.To serve as a means of national recognition of the student’s early interest in and dedication to the field of psychology and to scholastic achievement.
B. To provide opportunities to become acquainted with and involved with the larger field of psychology.
C. To provide a forum for developing one’s perspective about psychology and for building a sense of community and identity with others in the field.
D. To enhance leadership skills and encourage research.
E. To provide greater opportunity for student/faculty interaction outside the classroom.
F. To benefit the campus and community through programs and services.

Article III. Members

Section 1. All full-time and part-time students enrolled at (college name) are eligible for membership in the (college name) Psi Beta Chapter if they meet the following requirements:

A. Have earned a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.25, including all transfer credits, or a ranking in the top 35% of enrollment by the date of induction – whichever is higher.
B. Have earned a “B” or higher in a college psychology course.
C. Have completed at least one introductory psychology course and 12 semester hours total college credit and accumulated the number of credit hours used by the institution to designate full-time status in courses leading to the associate degree.
D. High standards of personal behavior and integrity.
E. Have a 3/4 affirmative vote of the membership attending a regular chapter meeting.
F. Have received a written invitation to membership from the official chapter.

Section 2.

New members shall be registered at the national office annually and inducted in the fall and spring. This organization may consist of up to five classes of members: active, inactive, faculty, honorary, and alumni members.

A. Active members are students who have been registered and inducted into membership, havepaid chapter dues, have maintained eligibility requirements, have attended at least one Psi Beta meeting per semester, and are still enrolled in school. Only active members may vote and hold office.
B. Inactive members are students registered and inducted into membership, who have not maintained their GPA eligibility for Psi Beta or paid their local chapter dues. Inactive members cannot hold office or vote until they are in compliance with Psi Beta membership and chapter requirements.
C. Alumni members are invited to all regular chapter meetings, programs and activities. They may not vote unless enrolled in school and reactivated as a chapter member.
D. Faculty members are registered and inducted the same as student members, but faculty members may not vote or hold office.
E. Honorary members are nominated by the chapter and approved by the Psi Beta National Council. They are registered the same as faculty members and inducted in a special ceremony provided in the handbook.

Article IV. Officers

Officers shall be elected by a majority vote of the membership present at the first chapter business meeting in May and installed in the spring induction ceremony. Only members are eligible to serve as one of the officers described in IV A through D.  While only members can serve as a Psi Beta officer, members or non-members are permitted to serve as committee chairs (examples of committees include research, recruitment, fund-raising, community service, service-learning). The term of office shall be one year (or one semester). Each outgoing officer shall mentor the incoming officer. If an officer cannot fulfill the duties of office, the officer must resign. The chapter will elect a new officer, except in the case of the president who will be replaced by the vice-president. All officers shall perform duties common to the role of the office.

A. President shall plan agendas, preside at all meetings, appoint committees, communicate regularly with the faculty advisor and other officers, and vote in a tie.
B. Vice-President shall take over all duties of the president during the president’s absence and serve as Program Chair for the chapter.
C. Secretary shall keep minutes and agendas of all business meetings in a notebook, handle all correspondence approved by the faculty advisor relating to the chapter, and maintain a list of all active members and committees in the notebook.
D. Treasurer shall collect all membership fees and dues, deposit the funds in the chapter (or school) account, keep financial records, disperse funds as directed by the faculty advisor, and submit monthly and annual reports to the chapter.
Article V. Meetings

A. The chapter shall hold a regular meeting at least once per month.

B. Active members can vote.

C. The majority vote of active members attending a meeting shall determine the chapter vote for national elections/ballots.

D. The chapter shall sponsor at least one campus-wide program per semester.

E. The chapter shall sponsor at least one field trip for chapter (and psychology club) members per semester.

F. The officers shall participate in at least one leadership training workshop following their installation and preceding the first chapter meeting of the school year.

Article VI. Executive Board

The Executive Board shall consist of the elected officers and faculty advisor(s)

Article VII. Finances

A. New members must pay via credit card or Pay Pal the once-in-a-lifetime, tax deductible, national membership fee of $50 by the deadline, preceding the induction ceremony, determined by the chapter.

B. Each inductee shall receive a membership certificate, Psi Beta lapel pin, and a welcome letter from the national office.

C. The chapter has the option of collecting $5 from each student at the beginning of each semester. The advisor, chapter president, and chapter treasurer will assure that all $5 contributions are used for chapter operations (e.g., refreshments, thank you cards for guest speakers, or other uses as deemed appropriate for the chapter’s good).

Article VIII. Parliamentary Authority

All rules and regulations established by the national Psi Beta Charter, Bylaws and policies, the Student Government Bylaws, and (college name)’s policies and procedures must be adhered to over and above the local chapter Bylaws. Business meetings shall be conducted by Robert’s Rules of Order.

Article IX. Amendments

These Bylaws may be altered, amended, or repealed by a majority of the active members, following a second reading, so long as the changes follow the national Psi Beta Charter, Bylaws and policies and the institution’s policies and procedures.

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