Community College Pathway Psychologists’ Hall of Fame

Dr. Jaclyn Ronquillo

Dr. Jaclyn Ronquillo started her path to a career in Psychology at Cerritos Community College. Unsure of her own personal academic goals, she started as a biology major with the intention of pursuing medical school to fulfill her family’s dream of having a doctor in the family. Theseplans took a sharp turn after she took […]

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Jaime “Jim” L. Diaz-Granados

Jaime “Jim” L. Diaz-Granados, PhD, of Baylor University is the American Psychological Association’s executive director for education. Prior to assuming his position with the APA, he was a professor of psychology, neuroscience and biomedical studies and chair of the Department of Psychology and Neuroscience at Baylor. Diaz-Granados is an experienced researcher in the developmental, behavioral […]

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April Thames

Dr. April Thames is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychiatry and Associate Director of the Center for Culture Trauma and Mental Health Disparities at the University of California Los Angeles. She attended Cerritos College from 1997-2000 and received her Associate Arts Degree with a major in Psychology. While at Cerritos College, she received […]

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Kimberley Duff

Dr. Kimberley Duff began her education at a community college at age 16, shortly after moving to Southern California with her family. Immigrating from Great Britain, she had no familial role models to guide her through the American education system. Prior to starting college, she did not have a passion for school. However, after one […]

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Bernardo J. Carducci

“Studying psychology at a community college changed my life.” Bernardo J. Carducci (Ph.D., Kansas State University, 1981) began his academic career in 1970 at Mt. San Antonio Community College (CA) and later transferred to Cal State University at Fullerton to complete his BA and M.A. in psychology, and earned his Ph.D. from Kansas State University. […]

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