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Thu, 19 Jan 2017   Study discusses model for understanding nutrition and brain development

For nearly a decade, researchers have studied the piglet as a translational model to understand which aspects of early brain development are affected by nutrition interventions. In a recent review article, investigators provide background for the work they do with nutrition and neurodevelopment using the piglet as a model.

Thu, 19 Jan 2017   In Alzheimer's, excess tau protein damages brain's GPS

Researchers have linked excess tau protein in the brain to the spatial disorientation that leads to wandering in many Alzheimer's disease patients. The findings, in mice, could lead to early diagnostic tests for Alzheimer's and point to treatments for this common and troubling symptom.

Thu, 19 Jan 2017   Brain stimulation used like a scalpel to improve memory

For the first time, scientists have found that non-invasive brain stimulation can be used like a scalpel to affect a specific improvement in precise memory. Precise memory, rather than general memory, is critical for knowing the building you are looking for has a specific color, shape and location, rather than simply knowing the part of town it's in. Precise memory is crucial for normal functioning, and it is often lost in people with memory disorders.

Thu, 19 Jan 2017   Precision medicine advances pediatric brain tumor diagnosis and treatment

In the largest clinical study to date of genetic abnormalities in pediatric brain tumors, researchers performed clinical testing on more than 200 tumor samples and found that a majority had genetic irregularities that could influence how the disease was diagnosed and/or treated with approved drugs or agents being evaluated in clinical trials.

Wed, 18 Jan 2017   Mapping brain in preemies may predict later disability

Scanning a premature infant’s brain shortly after birth to map the location and volume of lesions, small areas of injury in the brain’s white matter, may help doctors better predict whether the baby will have disabilities later, according to a new study.

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