Heroic Imagination Project – Chapter Resources

Dr. Philip G. Zimbardo’s presentation: My Journey from Understanding Evil to Inspiring Heroism
This talk was presented 09/21/2012. It provides Dr. Zimbardo’s inspiration for launching the the Heroic Imagination Project

Bystander Effect Presentation – For access to the curriculum for this lesson, please contact the Heroic Imagination Organization  http://heroicimagination.org/

Team and Campus Preparation


Permissions and Approvals

The Bystander Effect Lesson

Debriefing Suggestions

Depending on the available time, a debriefing can take place immediately after the presentation, or during a return visit. A debriefing session can include any of the following

  • Administration of the post-test
  • A general overview of the research component and the assessment instruments
  • A closing discussion with the audience. If time has passed since the actual presentation, this is a good time to ask if anyone in the audience has shared what they learned with family members or friends, or if they think that they may have changed because of what they learned from the presentation
  • Mention that the HIP lessons are a good example of how the science of psychology helps society
  • Promote your Psi Beta chapter and your community college

Institutional Review Board – Resources for Creating Your Own IRB

Forming an IRB at a Community College – by Craig Hayward
IRB Resource Guide for Community College – by APA (request copy from jrudmann@ivc.edu)
IRB Member Training Site IRB – Your IRB members can by trained at this NIH website

Project Team Member Roles

  • Outreach and Scheduling
  • Training
  • Research & Assessment
    • Impact on audience members
    • Impact on Psi Beta HIP team member (reflective of APA learning goals, and college honor society CAS standards)

Acknowledgements – Many individuals and groups deserve recognition:

  • Dr. Philip G. Zimbardo – who inspired the Heroic Imagination Project. Dr. Zimbardo  has been one of Psi Beta’s best friends and supporters. His work continues to help psychology and society in countless ways.
  • The Heroic Imagination Project staff
  • Sonya Bangston – video production specialist at Irvine Valley College. Sonya’s expertise and guidance has been astounding. Her media production skills are a huge asset to Psi Beta!
  • The former and present Psi Beta members and Psi Beta faculty advisors at Irvine Valley College –  This group of awesome, talented, and dedicated people have provided the ideal test lab for perfecting the HIP Bystander Effect training materials and lessons.  We especially thank Dr. Kari Tucker, Psychology Professor and Department Chair for over 15 years, for orchestrating the positive climate of mutual respect and high academic standards that prevail in the Psychology program at IVC. We were fortunate to have Psi Beta student standouts such as Mako Tanaka, Jason Corcoron, AJ Sanducci, Tom Garland, Den Marcelo, Yasmin Abbaszadeh, and Devan Davison; all emerged as the chapter’s HIP team leaders. These students exemplify the quality of students who bless those of us fortunate enough to advise Psi Beta chapters and teach psychology at a community college!