Heroic Imagination Service Project Has Launched!

Dear Psi Beta Chapter Advisors and Members,

Important Announcement – The Psi Beta National Council is delighted to announce launching of Psi Beta’s Heroic Imagination service project! This is a service learning opportunity developed through close collaboration between Dr. Philip Zimbardo’s Heroic Imagination Project directors and Psi Beta’s pilot test chapter at Irvine Valley College. Because we are launching a few weeks later than originally planned, we are waiving the $100 application fee!

What this Project is About – Teams of Psi Beta students prepare, and then present lessons to other on-campus groups and classes, local high schools, or community groups. Each lesson is based upon classic and cutting edge social psychology research. The main point of each presentation is to enlighten audience members about situational factors that influence perception, thought processes, and behavior. Awareness of these situational factors can help an individual make pro-social choices and, if a safe opportunity to do so occurs, become an everyday hero!

Topics – The Bystander Effect topic is now available. There are five additional topics that are undergoing pilot testing before they are released to participating chapters in the fall.

How to Participate
Full participation – this means your chapter may be presenting to minors, gathering pre and post-test data, and using the data to present posters and/or write publications.

To participate, your chapter must agree to the following:

1. Secure parental / guardian approval for audience members under 18 years of age. (A sample approval form will be provided to successful applicants.)

2. Secure informed consent from adults and informed assent from children who participate. (Sample forms will be provided to successful applicants.)

3. If your chapter’s HIP team collects data and/or plans to use the data for a paper or conference presentation you agree to:

a. Secure IRB approval (a sample IRB proposal will be provided to successful applicants).

b.  Submit data to Psi Beta’s electronic data submission form

4. Agree to control distribution of the HIP lesson plans.  These plans belong to the Heroic Imagination Project and Psi Beta. Only your chapter can use them. They should not to be made available for use by others.

5. Prepare and submit a short project status report to the Psi Beta National Office by June 15, 2013. An electronic reporting form will be provided on the Psi Beta website. NOTE: This is an on-going service learning project option for your chapter. Although we request a status report by June 15, chapters can continue with the project as long as desired.

Limited participation – This means that your chapter will not be gathering pre and post-data and will not use any findings for poster presentations or publication. Chapters selecting the limited participation option must comply with all of the above criteria except for criterion # 3.

Apply – To apply to participate in the Psi Beta Heroic Imagination service project, please click on this link to our online application form. If the link doesn’t work, cut and paste this URL into your browser window

https://survey.socccd.edu/survey/TakeSurvey.aspx?SurveyID=n63I59l    NOTE: ONLY advisors of active Psi Beta chapters should complete the application form.

Applicants will hear back within a week of their application. Approved applications will be given access to Psi Beta’s password protected HIP resource website. Direct questions to me at jrudmann@psibeta.org.

Thank you,

Jerry Rudmann, PhD
Executive Director
Psi Beta