Participant Instructions – Psi Beta / Psi Chi National Research Study 2012-13

Dear Psi Beta / Psi Chi advisor, Here are the instructions for participating in the national research project for 2012-13.

There are two login codes needed: The Study ID and the Participant ID.The Study ID is BETA-CHI (all upper case).The Participant IDs must be prepared by each chapter. You must prepare a set of 80 unique participant IDs. You will distribute a participant ID to each participant. You need to send the entire set of 80 participant IDs to Esther Haynes at UC Riverside. Esther will then upload the codes so your participants can log on. Steps:1. Here is the code structure

  • Use all caps for letters
  • First two letters: PC (Psi Chi) or PB (Psi Beta)
  • Next set of letters are the first letters in the words of your college name. Examples: IVC – Irvine Valley College. PLC – Pacific Lutheran College.
  • Next two characters indicate the state. CA – California, IL – Illinois, etc.
  • Final three characters are participant numbers, starting with 001, followed by 002, and so on.
  • Example of codes for the first three participants at Irvine Valley College:

    PBIVCCA003, etc…
  • Prepare a minimum of 80 codes (001 through 080 or higher). Put the codes in a column format (like directly above). If you plan to have more than 80 participants, you’ll need to create a unique code for each person (80 and higher).
  • Remember to put a comma after each code – this is very important!

2. Send a copy of your participant codes to Esther Haynes, UCI graduate student, at this email address: When your codes are uploaded to the ISP website, Esther will send you a confirmatory email. After hearing from Esther, you can begin having participants log on and get started.4. Have your participants begin.

  • The link to the ISP website is
  • Most of your participants will choose the English (US) flag
  • Instruct international students to select the appropriate flag.
  • After selecting the flag, participants will be directed to the log-in page.
  • Participants should enter the Study ID: BETA-CHI unique code
  • Participants should then enter their Participant ID code, the one that you give them (e.g., PVIVCCA001) in the Participant ID box.

5. Data gathering timeframe for Psi Beta chapters: through February 28, 2013. 6. Psi Chi chapters do not have a data gathering time frame; they can begin and end when they wish.7. Don’t forget that more details about this study are available for your reference at this URL: Rudmann, PhD

Executive Director
Psi Beta