This Month’s “Message from a Chapter President”

By Kacee Graulich
Psi Beta Chapter President Pasco-Hernando Community College, North Campus

My first year in college was about going to class and going home afterwards. I was not involved in much on campus; I was not aware there was so much in which I could be involved. Then I had a psychology class with Dr. De Sousa. Through her, I learned what Psi Beta is about and we began to develop an interest in forming a group at the school. I found myself finally doing what I have always wanted, but didn’t know how to do: help others.

Our Psi Beta chapter has become very involved in our community. We bring community organizations, such as MADD and the Dawn Center, a domestic and sexual violence shelter, on campus to give presentations to students. We have held symposiums focusing on childhood sexual abuse and PTSD. We are remodeling a room at the New Beginnings Youth Shelter and take part in the Cooks for Kids every month, where we cook dinner for the youth (ages 10-17) who are at the shelter. We have held events on campus for Mental Illness Awareness week and had many members of the community such as our local National Alliance on Mental Illness chapter (NAMI-Hernando) come to the school to talk to students and faculty.

I have learned a lot about the school and the community. There are so many resources out there to help people, but you have to know they are there. I have greater confidence in myself and the contributions I can make. Each day I wake up excited to go out there and offer my time to those who need it. Lounging around and watching re-runs on T.V. is such a waste of time when I can be helping others and feeling great about it. I find myself a little more of a leader each day, realizing that I can do things on my own, and I can do them well. I feel like I am a part of something wonderful, and that I am needed. I got the push I needed from fellow classmates to put myself out there and give everything I have. The feeling that I have gotten from being involved in Psi Beta is not easily put into words, but I know that I want to continue to encourage others to become involved and to experience the sense of accomplishment that I have felt. I have learned how much a difference even just one person can make with my involvement in Psi Beta. Everyone in this world has something to offer someone and if every person can make even a little difference, imagine what we could all accomplish! I feel that my experience with Psi Beta has allowed me to do important things in my community and has prepared me for even greater things.