Dr. Jerry Rudmann has decided to step down from his position as Executive Director, a position he has held since 2005.

Psi Beta Executive Director Is a .25 FTE Position

Below is a comprehensive description of the ongoing responsibilities required of the Psi Beta
Executive Director. The time and attention given to each area of responsibility can vary
depending on the organizational calendar. Business is conducted remotely with various contacts/staff
across the United States. Seeking a candidate committed to the organization and with an intention of continued employment, contingent on an annual review.

Financial Responsibilities
SIGNATORY – Signs Psi Beta’s tax documents and all other business-related forms.
ANNUAL FILING – In coordination with Psi Beta’s accounting consultant: Orders, shares
with Council, and archives Psi Beta’s annual Compilation and 990 filings. Psi Beta’s fiscal year is
July 1 – June 30.
INSURANCE – Pays Psi Beta’s annual insurance liability insurance premium.
BUDGET – Prepares and presents the annual Psi Beta operating budget and end-of-year financial
reports to the National Council for review and approval during an annual Business meeting.
RESERVES – Oversees Psi Beta’s cash reserve required for fiscal soundness.
EXPENSES – Prepares and distributes conference expense reimbursement checks to Council
members and awards checks to competition and scholarship winners. Pays monthly operating bills
(e.g., various services such as voicemail, QuickBooks, postage, Bank of America credit card).
Information Dissemination Responsibilities
COMMUNICATION – Communicates with the council, chapters, faculty advisors, organizations,
committees, judges for awards, vendors, and colleges through mail, phone, and email remotely.
DOCUMENT MAINTENANCE – Organizes, maintains, and archives organizational documents
in Google Workspace in collaboration with the National Council.
CONFERENCE PROGRAMMING – Works with National Council members to develop Psi Beta
programming at APA, APS, regional psychology organizations, and other conferences such as
NITOP. Inputs Psi Beta’s annual APA conference programs (e.g., Ruth Hubbard Cousins
Distinguished Lecture, Teaching, and Learning Excellence symposium, a student research poster
session) into the APA website using the division director portal.
ANNUAL REPORT- Writes annual reports for National Council and ACHS.
BUSINESS MEETINGS AND CONFERENCE CALLS – Participates in all Psi Beta Council
business meetings and conference calls. The Executive Director schedules the conference calls
and prepares the minutes.
NEWSLETTER– Works with the Publications Manager to edit the final copy for all articles and
chapter activity reports submitted to the fall and spring newsletters.
JOURNAL- Works with the Research Committee to edit the final copy for all articles submitted to
the annual Journal.
ORIENTATION MATERIALS – Prepares and annually updates the council member’s resource
manual and the Chapter Handbook.
AWARDS – Prepares award submissions for judges. Directs the Publication Manager who
prepares letters and news releases to award winners and non-winners, their advisors, and campus
LETTERS OF RECOMMENDATION – Prepares letters of recommendation for various council
members and advisors.
NEW CHAPTERS – Works with potential chapters to complete charter application forms.
Supports new chapter implementation by performing these tasks: Digitizes completed
applications and forwards them to National Council for review and approval; sets up new
chapters and their advisors on the Psi Beta website.
WEBSITE – Updates and adds content to the Psi Beta website. Examples include entering names
of new Council members, the most recent award winners, and information about the current Psi Beta
national research or service project.
NOMINATIONS AND ELECTIONS – Prepares ballots and conducts officer elections.
CHAPTER RESOURCE– Screens, edits, and posts chapter resource files submitted to Psi Beta.
Representation Responsibilities
ACHS LIAISON – Represents Psi Beta in the ACHS (Association of College Honor Societies).
Psi Beta is an ACHS member in good standing.
PROFESSIONAL REPRESENTATIVE – Along with the National President and Council
members serve as Psi Beta’s interface with other psychological organizations (e.g., Psi Alpha,
Psi Chi, APA, APS, STP, and regional psychological associations).
STORE MANAGER – Serves as Psi Beta’s primary contact with the Psi Beta store. Psi Beta
outsources its apparel, jewelry, and other logo items to the designated vendor.
Employee Responsibilities
FINANCIAL OFFICER – Supervises and communicates as needed with Psi Beta’s Financial
Officer. The financial officer works within the guidelines of the financial officer’s job
TEMPORARY EMPLOYEES- Hires and monitors the work of all temporary employees.
SALARIES – Reviews the work of all employees and recommends salary changes, as
Chapter Development Responsibilities
The Executive Director should be continually vigilant for new strategies by which advisors, chapters,
regional Vice Presidents and members can fulfill Psi Beta’s mission of scholarship, leadership, service,
and research; program and website enhancements that will further engage members; and possibly new
apparel, jewelry, and chapter supplies that could be sold in the Psi Beta store.
Examples from the past are listed below.
o Psi Beta pen and pencil sets
Store enhancements
o Psi Beta mugs
o Graduation Regalia
o Other branded merchandise
Website features and resource enhancements
o Electronic submission of chapter activity reports
o Automated, online member registration
o Online newsletter
o Downloadable Psi Beta promotional brochure
o Career resource videos and PowerPoint presentations
o Psi Beta’s Online Journal of Undergraduate Research
Chapter activities
o Introductory Psychology Initiative (IPI) – Psi Beta Introductory Psychology Peer-Teacher
service-learning research project
o Annual National Research Project
Psi Beta’s Historical Records Responsibilities
The Executive Director must file, as needed, Psi Beta’s historical papers/files/publications
to the National Archives for Psychology in Akron, OH. Psi Beta contributes to the Archives
at the rate of $0.10 per new member registered annually. In addition, the Executive
Director updates as needed Psi Beta’s historical records (e.g., names of those serving on the
National Council, winners of annual competitions, and Psi Beta’s anniversary PowerPoints).

Required and Preferred Skills and Qualifications
Master’s degree or higher in Psychology from an accredited university
Understanding of the community college mission
Former OR current Psi Beta National Council Member in good-standing
Interpersonal proficiency
Experience in networking and collaboration with diverse groups
Budget balancing experience
High sense of ethics and integrity
Excellent communication skills
Editing skills
Oral presentation skills
Technical skills including a working knowledge of Excel, email, Word, PowerPoint, survey
software, Word Press, Google Workspace and Zoom
At least two years of experience managing a team of 3+ people
Ability to work legally in the United States
History of effectively mentoring students and colleagues
Currently active or has been active in professional organizations in psychology such as STP,
CABE, APA, APS, or a regional psychological association
Conference presentation experience
Experience managing a team remotely

The Executive Director position is funded at a part-time (.25 FTE) level with a starting annual salary of
$12,000 plus travel expenses to the annual business meeting at the APA convention.
Applications will be accepted until April 15, 2023. Paid onboarding with the current Executive Director
to take place between May-August 2023. The onboarding will take approximately 8-10 hours a week at
the rate of $250 per week. The candidate is expected to attend and participate in APA 2023. An initial
performance review will be conducted at the end of the onboarding period by August 15, 2023. The
expected start date as the active Executive Director is September 1, 2023.

Interested candidates should submit a cover letter that addresses their qualifications, a CV, contact
information for three references, and two letters of recommendation. Psi Beta is an equal-opportunity employer. If you have any questions, please contact, Chair, Psi Beta Hiring Committee Kathleen Hughes, Ph.D. at hugheska@phsc.edu

Psi Beta
Certified member of the National Association of College Honor Societies, Affiliate of the American Psychological Association, and Affiliate of the American Psychological Society