The Anne Anastasi Mission Scholarship – The application Period is every May 1st to June 1st.

This $500 scholarship honors Psi Beta members who have made a significant mission-related contribution to their Psi Beta chapter and, therefore, the chapter’s impact on others, the campus, or the community. The applicant’s contribution should align well with one or more of Psi Beta’s mission areas: service, leadership, scholarship, and/or research. Psi Beta is offering twenty (20) of these $500 scholarships this spring (2023). NOTE: Applicants from chapters having an active Chapter Delegate will be given higher judging priority. 

Here are some examples of mission-related activities:

  • COMMUNITY SERVICE – The applicant organized, led, and participated in a chapter’s service project that meaningfully impacted the chapter’s members, life at the college, or the community.
  • EFFECTIVE MEETINGS – The applicant organized and conducted chapter meetings by preparing agendas, providing time for reports (e.g., status reports from different officers, committee chairs, and the chapter delegate), welcoming potential members, and having each meeting documented in minutes.
  • COLLABORATION – The applicant facilitated a partnership culminating in a joint activity with other student organizations or clubs. Collaboration can be on-campus arrangements or with external student groups (e.g., Psi Alpha, and Psi Chi chapters).
  • MEMBERSHIP – Applicant played a lead role in recruiting, organizing, and sustaining chapter membership.
  • CHAPTER DELEGATE – The applicant performed the Chapter Delegate role effectively. By “effectively,” we mean attendance and participation in monthly Delegate meetings and serving as an effective information conduit between the local chapter and Psi Beta National initiatives and programs.
  • RESEARCH – The applicant promoted member engagement in psychological research activities. Examples include coordinating opportunities to collect data, correcting reports or posters for proper formatting, spelling, and grammar, and coordinating a student research presentation.

Applicants must provide an essay describing how they have satisfied a Mission Scholarship activity. Your narrative is limited to 1,000 words.
Here are some suggested topics to include in your description:

Mission Alignment – To what part or parts of Psi Beta’s mission (i.e., leadership, service, scholarship, research) does the activity align?
Impact on Others – Estimate the number of chapter members and non-members, if any, impacted (e.g., number of fellow students at one’s college, number of people in the community, etc.).

Sustainability – What is the likelihood this Mission project will continue?

Personal Impact – Describe knowledge or skills, if any, you’ve gained as a consequence of this mission activity.

Effectiveness Measures – Describe any measures used to gauge the activity’s effectiveness. If you have measured effectiveness, what are the findings?

Advice – Reflecting on your experience, what advice do you have for other members or chapters that choose to emulate your project?

IMPORTANT NOTE – When you apply, you’ll be asked to provide the name and email address of a Psi Beta advisor who can validate the content of your application. Be sure to inform your advisor to look for an email from the Scholarship Committee and to complete the form as soon as possible. If we do not receive your advisor’s input, your scholarship application will have no chance to be selected as one of the winners.

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