Background – Following the passing of Ruth Hubbard Cousins, the Psi Beta National Council early in 2007, decided to honor the memory and work of this exceptional leader by developing a new national Psi Beta award. A major purpose of the award was that it be reflective of Ruth’s pioneering spirit and professional passion. Ruth Hubbard Cousins served as the Executive Director of Psi Chi, the national honor society in psychology, from 1958 to 1991. By all accounts she was the primary force responsible for transforming Psi Chi into the highly successful and distinguished organization which it is today. Not only was she the lifeblood and inspiration for Psi Chi, Ruth Cousins, along with daughter Carol Tracy, founded Psi Beta, Psi Chi’s sister honor society.

Today many Psi Beta members continue their education into four-year colleges and universities and become members of Psi Chi at their new institutions. Since both honor societies have comparable missions and share many goals, collaborative efforts between Psi Chi and Psi Beta are logical and desirable. In the pursuit of scholarship, leadership, research, and community service, well planned collaborative endeavors will ideally serve to strengthen the bond between Psi Beta and Psi Chi members and will be mutually beneficial to students as well as to the broader community.

In sum, the purpose of the Alberta Johnson / Ruth Cousins Building Bonds Collaboration Award is to recognize and formally acknowledge the collaborative efforts and outcomes of a Psi Beta and a Psi Chi chapter that have made a significant impact at the local, state, regional, or national level. The collaborative efforts may focus on scholarship, leadership, research, and/or community service. This unique award was the brainchild of Dr. Alberta Johnson, Psi Beta’ s outstanding President (2006-07). Therefore, the National Council insisted on calling this the “Alberta Johnson / Ruth Hubbard Cousins  Building Bonds Collaboration Award.”


Open to all active Psi Beta chapters and Psi Chi chapters. The nominee may be nominated by a chapter officer or by the faculty advisor.


Two plaques: one for the Psi Beta chapter, and one for the Psi Chi chapter. A certificate of recognition for each participating Psi Beta and Psi Chi member. $100 checks are awarded to the winning Psi Beta and Psi Chi chapters.

Requirements for Selection

  • A letter of recommendation from the Psi Beta faculty advisor
  • A letter of recommendation from the Psi Chi faculty advisor
  • A 200 – 400 word written paper which includes:
    1. Categorization of the project’ s thrust in terms of: scholarship, leadership, research, and/or community service;
    2. Description of the collaboration process – Collaboration should include: a) planning; b) setting goals (measurable); and c) development of an instrument/evaluation form to assess the final outcome, product, or impact of the project).
    3. Artifacts derived from the project (e.g., a publicity flier, copy of the program, a PowerPoint having a project overview, selected photographs).

      4. Finally, the descriptive summary should conclude with the evaluation of the effectiveness of the project (i.e., extent to which goals were met).

Ideas for collaboration

  • Psychology Fair for high school students to introduce field of psychology
  • Exploring Behavior Week project in local schools, using APA resources
  • Display table for Child Abuse Prevention Month (April) at local mall or other popular gathering place
  • Research survey of immigrants regarding adult education needs
  • Joint research project exchanging chapter members as subjects
  • Leadership training workshop for officers of high school clubs
  • College is different from high school! Spring workshop for local graduating seniors on developing good study habits
  • Careers in Psychology Forum for high school and college students, high school counselors, and others in the community
  • Project for Brain Awareness Week (March) project
  • Develop packet of PSAs (public service announcements) about positive mental health practices for use on a popular local radio station
  • Itemize and make available a list of local, state, and national resources for understanding depression during National Depression Screening Day (usually in October)
  • Organize Research Day at both colleges in which Psi Beta and Psi Chi members and other psychology students present research posters
  • A joint project related to the ACHS Initiative, A Matter of Ethics

Cover Sheet

  • Name of the Psi Beta and Psi Chi chapters
  • Date of charter for each chapter
  • Colleges’ names and addresses
  • Name and email addresses of participating members from both the Psi Beta and Psi Chi chapters

Additional Documentation Acceptable

Newspaper articles, program brochure, letters of appreciation, sample of assessment instrument with tally evaluation responses or other analysis/analyses, selected photographs


All materials must be received by February 1 or June 1. Send to:

Jerry Rudmann,

Executive Director, Psi Beta,

6025 Camino Correr,

Anaheim, CA 92807


Incoming Psi Beta and Psi Chi Executive Committees

Award Presentation

At the APA national convention during Psi Beta Award Presentations Session

Award Announcement

The winning chapters (both Psi Beta and Psi Chi chapters) of the Building Bonds Collaboration Award will be announced on the Psi Beta and Psi Chi websites.

Psi Beta
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