The Chapter Excellence Award


This award is open to all chapters that meet or exceed the standards of chapter excellence criteria on the application form. Chapters must have completed activities that reflect each component of Psi Beta’s mission: Leadership, scholarship, community service, and research.


A recognition “Plate” is awarded to all chapters m,eeting or exceeding the chapter excellence standards. The standards reflect Psi Beta’s mission. The plate can be attached to the Perpetual Chapter Excellence Plaque – available from the Psi Beta store.  The submission period is May 1 to June 1.

Requirements for Selection

A chapter officer or advisor must complete the online application form indicating the types of chapter activities in which the chapter engaged. The chapter must meet or exceed the activity minimum for each mission component and must exceed the minimum overall number of activity points (10). All required fields on the form must be completed, including a descriptive narrative for each component. The chapter’s primary advisor must confirm the accuracy of the completed form.


A completed chapter excellence form must be submitted by June 1. Download THIS FORM, complete it, then save it or print it to PDF. Then upload it with the submission form below. Note, the form is available between May 1 and June 1.

How to complete and Submit the Chapter Excellence form:

  • Download the form. The form is an electronic PDF form.
  • Use Adobe Reader to complete it.
  • Save the form under your chapter name.
  • Open the form using Adobe Reader and enter your chapter’s activity information.
  • Save the completed form. Make sure the file name includes your chapter name.
  • Between May 1 and June 1, go to this SUBMISSION FORM, complete it, and upload the completed Chapter Excellence Form. This form is available only between May1 and June1.



Psi Beta
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