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Awards Overview and Deadlines

Psi Beta sponsors six types of awards and scholarships
for active chapters, members and advisors.


Psi Beta has partnered with McGraw-Hill Education to create annual achievement awards which will be presented to one Psi Beta student winner and one faculty advisor winner at each of the 5 annual APA regional psychology conferences during the 2018-2020 academic years. Each winner will receive a certificate and a check for $150. Due dates vary by region. Please contact your regional VP for the exact due dates.

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UPDATE – Changes to Anastasi scholarships to promote the APA Conference Travel Experience!

The Anne Anastasi APA Travel Scholarship will cover the top two Psi Beta National Research Paper Competition winners and the student Carol Tracy Community Service Award Winner. $2000 will be awarded for each of the three winners. Lodging will be pre-booked and this will be deducted from the $2000. The remaining money after lodging costs will be given to each student via check during the Psi Beta/ CABE Award Ceremony at APA. The scholarship winners will be responsible for their conference registration, travel, and food as the remaining award money will act as a reimbursement. Deadline for research paper submission is May 15th and the deadline for the community service nomination is June 1st. 

Certificates are awarded to the primary authors of three outstanding original psychological research papers written in APA style. The top two winners are eligible for the Anne Anastasi APA Travel Scholarship and will present their research at the annual APA conference. The third place winner will receive $300. If the first or second place winner cannot attend the conference, they will be awarded $300 and the third place winner will be invited to attend the APA conference on scholarship in their place. Please see details regarding the Anne Anastasi APA Travel Scholarship. Each winner will receive an award certificate. The primary author only will receive the travel scholarship. Co-authors, who are Psi Beta members, will receive certificates of recognition. Deadline for submission is May 15th. Click here for more information and application form.


A plaque is awarded for an innovative, resourceful, and useful chapter project or program that uniquely promotes the quality of two-year college life and advances the discipline of psychology and the mission of Psi Beta. (This is a chapter award, not an individual award.) Deadline for nomination is June 1st.

Student and chapter award for two outstanding community service projects. The student winner is eligible for an Anna Anastasi APA Travel Scholarship and the chapter will be awarded $100. If the student winner cannot attend the APA conference they will be awarded $100.

A recognition “plate” is awarded to all chapters meeting or exceeding the chapter excellence standards. The standards reflect Psi Beta’s mission. The plate can be attached to the “perpetual plaque” – available for purchase from the Psi Beta store.  The submission period is May 1 to 15. Deadline for submitting the application is May 15th. Special Opportunity this year: Thanks to the generosity of Pearson Education, the first 10 chapters that submit a qualifying (10 or more chapter activity points) Chapter Excellence report will each be awarded a $150 donation for chapter expenses. The checks will be awarded during the Psi Beta awards and social hour at the annual APA conference in August. (Winners need not be present to win.)

A plaque, certificates of recognition for participating Psi Beta members, and $100 is awarded to a Psi Beta chapter which, in collaboration with Psi Chi members, have conducted an activity having a significant impact at the local, state, regional, or national level. The collaborative efforts may focus on scholarship, leadership, research, and/or community service. The nominee may be nominated by a chapter officer or by the faculty advisor. Psi Beta also awards a plaque to the participating Psi Chi chapter.
Deadline for nomination is June 1st.

A plaque is awarded to an outstanding Psi Beta faculty advisor. Chapter officers and/or members can nominate their advisor. NOTE: Some chapters are fortunate to have two or more advisors who work together to oversee an excellent chapter. If that is the case with your chapter, and your members wish to submit a nomination for co-advisors to your chapter, you may do so but please be sure the nomination letter describes how each advisor individually supports your chapter.
Deadline for nomination is June 1st. 

Awards & Competitions

Psi Beta sponsors awards and scholarships for active members, chapters and advisors.

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