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Psi Beta / Virginia Staudt Sexton
National Faculty Advisor Award

In memory of Virginia Staudt Sexton, 1916-1997

Criteria for Nominations
The nominee must have served as a faculty advisor for a minimum of two years, but not currently serving on the Psi Beta National Council. The current school year may be used to meet these criteria. During the nominee’s tenure as faculty advisor, the chapter must have been active, registered members at the national office at least annually, and must be in good standing with the national organization. The nominee must have motivated students at the chapter level, bringing out the best in them and helping them to develop a sense of professionalism and ethics.

How to Nominate a Faculty Advisor
Only chapters may nominate a faculty advisor. Each chapter may nominate only one faculty advisor a year. A chapter officer must sign the letter. The chapter nominating a candidate must write a letter of nomination, limited to one page on both sides with no more than 500 words including:

  • A statement describing the nominee’s contributions as a faculty advisor
  • The length and dates of service as faculty advisor
  • A statement describing the nominee’s contributions to Psi Beta and psychology at the chapter, state, regional, and/or national levels
  • The signature of a chapter officer.

Nominations must be received between May 1 and June of 1st the current academic year. 

The Psi Beta national office shall send copies of the nomination materials received to the judges, consisting of the immediate Past-President of Psi Beta and two former members of the Psi Beta National Council, who are the Selection Committee. The Psi Beta President shall select the two former Council members to serve on the Selection Committee as judges with the immediate Past-President. The Past-President, who will chair the Selection Committee, will inform the Executive Director of Psi Beta of the winner selected by the committee.

The announcement of the winner of the Psi Beta/Virginia Staudt Sexton National Faculty Advisor Award will be made before the presentation of one of Psi Beta’s programs during the annual Psi Beta/APA convention. If the winner is in attendance, a plaque will be presented to the winner at that time. Otherwise, the award will be sent to the winner. All candidates whose nominations are reviewed by the Selection Committee shall receive letters of commendation from Psi Beta. A pool of the nominees judged by the Selection Committee to be exceptionally viable candidates may be retained for the succeeding year’s competition.

Psi Beta
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