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Following the passing of Ruth Hubbard Cousins, the Psi Beta National Council early in 2007, decided to honor the memory and work of this exceptional leader by developing a new national Psi Beta award. A major purpose of the award was that it be reflective of Ruth’s pioneering spirit and professional passion.

The purpose of the Ruth Cousins Building Bonds Collaboration Award is to recognize and formally acknowledge the efforts and outcomes of a Psi Beta chapter which, in collaboration with Psi Chi members, have had a significant impact at the local, state, regional, or national level. The collaborative efforts may focus on scholarship, leadership, research, and/or community service. This unique award was the brainchild of Dr. Alberta Johnson, Psi Beta’s outstanding President (2006-07). Therefore, the National Council insisted on calling this the “Johnson/Cousins Building Bonds Collaboration Award”.

For full details about the award please visit the Building Bonds Award page.

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