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Chapter Web Sites

Chapters now have opportunity to create a chapter web site! We’ve been working hard on site designs and training materials so that chapters will be able to use a template system to create their own chapter site.

Want a web site for your chapter? Here are the steps

1.) CHOOSE A WEB MASTER. Ideally this would be someone good with computers and web-savvy, and if they know a bit about WordPress, all the better! This person will need to review the training guides/videos and enter text and images into the appropriate pages of your chapter web site template. Although you can use the training materials and work with the site template directly yourself, having someone on your team who knows computers and web will make the process flow easily and quickly for your chapter.

2.) PREPARE CONTENT.  Chapters should begin compiling and/or writing content they wish to publish on their site. This would include photos, a brief home page welcome, and other articles and chapter information you would like to display on your web site. The sites will include pages for announcements, accomplishments, upcoming events, chapter history, officers, bylaws, minutes, photos, etc. Preparing your materials in advance will give you a jump start on your chapter web site.

3.) REQUEST SITE ACTIVATION.  We launch chapter sites in phases, ten chapters at a time. The first launch date was August 15, 2011, and up to ten chapter sites will be launched every two weeks in the order requests are received. Please contact Director of Chapter Operations, Jenelle Welz, to request activation of your chapter web site.

4.) REVIEW TRAINING MATERIALS. When your request is submitted, you will be asked to review terms and a brief overview. From there, your site will be activated and your log-in information will be sent to you along with links to important training materials about how to set up your site. Your chapter web site offers multiple theme options and header graphics and there are specific ways to create the posts and pages that comprise your site, so be sure to read the instructional documents and watch the training videos before you begin your site. You will receive a welcome email with information about building your site, along with access to the training and support forum.

One key document is How to Build your Chapter Web Site in 9 Steps. This will help guide you through key elements of the process of customizing your web template and filling your site with photos and content unique to your chapter. Feel free to use this document in advance to help give your intended web master an idea of what tasks he or she will be performing to complete the web site template.


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