The Giving Away Psychology Project – Overview and Orientation

Bystander Effect Workshop Resources

Evidence-based Learning and Study Strategies Workshop – Due March 1

Self-Regulated Learning Workshop – Due April 1

Effective Interpersonal Communication (Starting Conversations, Supportive Listening, Assertion) Workshop – Due June 1

Careers in Psychology – Orientation to Options – Due June 1

Misc Project Resources – Click Here

  • Campus preparation checklist
  • Venue preparation and development checklist
  • Example of IRB proposal designed to grant generic approval for GAP evaluation research
  • Parental permission form (useful for high school presentations)
  • How GAP team member outcomes align with APA’s Guidelines & 21st Century Workplace Skills

Acknowledgments – Thanks to the following students. Their courage and hard work made GAP possible – Spencer Churchhill, Stevie Formica, Gennavie Johnson, Lidia McCarter, Isabella Polito, Regina Tahk, Nicholas Wolf
Project advisors: Dr. Kari Tucker-McCorkhill, Dr. Jerry Rudmann

Questions about GAP? Please email Jerry Rudmann –

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