Psi Beta has partnered with McGraw-Hill Education to create annual achievement awards which will be presented to one Psi Beta student winner and one faculty advisor winner at each of the 6 annual APA regional psychology conferences during the 2020-2021 academic year.

Each winner will receive a certificate and a check for $150.

The achievement awards will be presented by McGraw-Hill Representatives and Psi Beta Regional VPs at each of the regional psychology conferences. The day and time of the awards reception will be announced by your Regional VP. (NOTE: Since all conferences are virtual or cancelled in 2021, we will adjust our procedure for announcing and administering this award.)

These new awards are meant to encourage regional conference participation. One of the most incredible experiences as a Psi Beta member or advisor is attending your regional psychology conference and networking with other members and psychology enthusiasts that share the same interests as you do! Speakers, workshops, and poster sessions are just a few of the events highlighted at regional conferences.

Links to the application for the student member award and the faculty advisor award are located below.

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