Every Psi Beta chapter should have a chapter delegate. Please note that each chapter MUST have an active Chapter Delegate to be eligible for Psi Beta’s awards and scholarship competitions. The steps for registering your Chapter Delegate are at the bottom of this page.

Chapter Delegate Eligibility and Qualifications

Your Delegate must be a registered, active, and current – still attending your college – Psi Beta member.
Your Delegate must have regular access to the Internet (for access to the Psi Beta website), and a smartphone (in order to send and receive text messages).

Delegate Responsibilities

  • Your Delegate will be the primary student-level liaison with Psi Beta’s Administration and National Council (Psi Beta’s governing body).
  • Your Delegate must have regular access to email and text messaging  in order to receive and send information relevant to each chapter’s operations and Psi Beta’s national activities.
  • The Delegate will routinely report messages from Psi Beta National to the chapter’s officers, advisor(s), and all member
  • The Delegate will complete and submit the Chapter Excellence Form each year. The form should be submitted between May 1 and no later than May 15 each year).
  • When prompted by a message from the National Office, the Delegate will complete and submit the online Chapter Activity Report Form each fall and spring. Your chapter’s fall report is expected by December 15th, and your spring report by June 1st.  
  • In matters of national Psi Beta importance (e.g., votes for candidates running for national office, approval of changes in the national bylaws, opinion or satisfaction surveys), the Chapter Delegate will gather and report Input from his or her chapter to Psi Beta’s National Office.
  • The Chapter Delegate will be expected to participate in the Chapter Delegate Communication Network. Participation will consist of sharing ideas for chapter activities, posting help requests, and responding to questions posted by other delegates. The Communication Network will be a blog set up especially for Chapter Delegates.

    Chapter Delegate Registration – Must be Done by the Chapter’s Primary Advisor

  • Decide who will will serve as your Chapter Delegate.
  • Log on to the Psi Beta Advisor portal.
  • On the left side of your screen, click on “Members.”
  • Find the name of the student who will serve as this year’s Delegate.
  • Click on the pencil icon next to the student’s name. This will pull up the member’s account information.
  • Scroll down to the very bottom of the page.
  • Check the “Delegate” box.
  • Click on “Submit” so the change will be saved.
  • You are done. The Psi Beta National Office will contact your Delegate and take it from there.
  • Note that a new chapter Delegate must be installed each academic year. Each fall we will remind you to install a new chapter Delegate.


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