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OVERVIEW – Beginning in 2021, members involved in research can apply for the Research Excellence Award. Members who qualify will receive a digital certificate, a press release sent to the college president, and recognition on Psi Beta’s website, the fall newsletter, and our research journal. Applicants must have engaged in a set of research-related activities to qualify for the Research Excellence Award. Research-related activities consist of four sub-topics: Conducting a Study (e.g., literature review, study design, data collection), Research Ethics (e.g., ethics training, use of informed consent in research, approval of IRB), Research Communication (e.g., 7th edition APA style paper, oral presentation, poster presentation), and Research Service (e.g., tutoring others in the research process and APA style writing, mentoring others in research). The application form for this award will be available on the Psi Beta website in spring, 2021. The application period will be the entire month of May. The Psi Beta Research Committee will provide additional information in the spring 2021 newsletter and through the Chapter Delegate network. Please note that the Research Excellence Award replaces the former Anne Anastasi student research paper competition; we have discontinued that competition. The Research Excellence award can be won no more than once per member.

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