OVERVIEW – Lead authors of the top two winning research papers and the winner of the individual community service project will each be offered $2000 to attend the APA conference that takes place each August. The Anastasi scholarship monies are expected to cover conference registration, travel, lodging, and meal expenses needed to attend the APA convention. While attending the conference, the research paper winners are expected to present their research during the Psi Beta student research poster session, attend all Psi Beta sponsored sessions, and receive a certificate of recognition for their winning paper. Winners must pay for travel, lodging, registration, and meals in advance, but will be awarded a check for their $2,000 scholarship to reimburse all conference expenses not exceeding $2000 at the Psi Beta Awards and Social Hour on Saturday of the conference.  If a winning research or community service student cannot attend the conference, he or she will be awarded a check (~$400 for the winning papers, and $100 for the individual community service winner) but the scholarship will not be awarded.

While individual chapters may have more than one winner in the student research paper competition, a chapter is limited to 1 (one) APA conference travel scholarship award. In the event that multiple individuals from one chapter are ranked among the top papers, the highest scoring paper from that chapter will be chosen for the APA conference travel scholarship.

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