Better Things Can Happen When We Work Together!

Lora Vasiliauskas, Vice President – Southeastern Region

At Psi Beta’s national level, we are working hard to provide opportunities for professional development and to help bring Psi Beta advisors and students from all parts of the country together. As the 2022 fall semester approaches, be sure to check your email, the Psi Beta website, and PsiBetaNational on Facebook and Instagram for information about The Psi Beta Advisor Retreat and The National Psi Beta Conference.

The vision:  Psi Beta Chapters exist throughout the United States. Our chapters are making a difference for our students and their communities and for the field of psychology. We also often face challenges at times. Because many of us have limited to no opportunities to interact with other advisors and chapter members, sometimes it can feel like we are on an island when facing challenges or wish to celebrate progress and successes with others who understand. The Advisor Retreat and The Psi Beta Conference will be a place where we can not only meet our Psi Beta peers but also celebrate, brainstorm, learn from and share with each other and support one another.

The Advisor Retreat will happen early in the fall semester to help us all have a strong start to the new school year. This will be an opportunity for advisors to get together for about an hour and a half to exchange ideas, provide support and mentorship and ask questions in a relaxed virtual setting. We hope that you may even decide to serve as session leaders or presenters at the conference. The tentative date for the retreat is set for the afternoon of September 2nd, 2022.

The Psi Beta’s first Virtual Conference will take place mid-fall semester and will provide the opportunity for Psi Beta advisors and students to come together and explore topics of common interest. Advisors and students are encouraged to consider not only taking part in the event but to present at this event. This conference will provide sessions where we can exchange ideas, talk about topics of interest, and help create support for one another as we work to strengthen our chapters and meet the mission of Psi Beta. This conference can also be an opportunity for students to present their research. We may not all be able to come together in person, but technology does make it possible for us to connect, support, learn from and build relationships with one another. We all have something to share and offer!

If you have questions, ideas or you have an innovative name for the conference that you feel embodies the purpose of the event or the mission of Psi Beta please feel free to email me at .

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