Collin College Traveled to University of Akron

Last June, Psi Beta members and advisors from the Collin College chapter traveled to the University of Akron for the 50th anniversary meeting of Cheiron, the International Society for the History of the Social and Behavioral Sciences. Cheiron also coincided with the opening of the Psychology museum at the Cummings Center for the History of Psychology. Across three days, we heard fascinating talks on various areas of the history of the behavioral sciences including lobotomies in schizophrenic patients, racism in the early 20th century, and therapy communes in Canada, among many other topics. One highlight of the trip was working directly with the archivist, Lizette Barton on potential future projects. Another highlight of the trip was an exclusive pass into the museum prior to the museum’s official opening. Dr. Baker and his team did an incredible job at making a museum that is educational and playful. Visitors got to see some of the apparatuses used in early Psychology such as Pavlov’s tuning forks, a prison door from the Stanford Prison Experiment, and the shock box used in Milgram’s experiment. Other favorites included dexterity tests given to Babe Ruth against which one could measure their own abilities. The museum is a must-see for all those interested in the field of Psychology. We are grateful to Collin College for their continued support in our pursuit of leadership, scholarship, research, and community service.


Photo 1, from left to right: Nazia Saddiqui, Jad Lawand, Dulce Cristobal, Joshua Arduengo (advisor), Giang Nguyen, Inge Saenz (advisor), and Travis Buros

Photo 2, from left to right: Nazia Siddiqui, Dulce Cristobal, Giang Nguyen, Jad Lawand, and Travis Buros

Photo 3: dexterity tests for Babe Ruth

Photo 4: Milgram Shock device

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