Psi Beta President’s Message – Fall 2018

Greetings from Jennifer O’Loughlin-Brooks
Psi Beta President

Welcome to the new academic year!  I look forward to sharing with you some exciting updates from Psi Beta National Honor Society. First, I would like to thank each of you for your commitment to our members and for promoting the mission of Psi Beta by personally demonstrating dedication to scholarship, leadership, research, and community service.  My gratitude extends to our talented National Council, national office and staff, who tirelessly lead our organization to excellence through innovative initiatives.

Over the summer, at the APA convention in San Francisco, innovation drove our annual strategic planning as a National Council. We set new goals for established task forces and discussed the roll out of our latest website design.  Attention remained focused on advisor support, membership development, cultivation of student scholarships, alumni outreach, and research opportunities with an emphasis on forward-thinking.

On that note, have you heard the news?  Psi Alpha has officially launched!  Psi Alpha is the national honor society in psychology for high schools and was designed as a sister organization to the Psi Beta National Honor Society.  Psi Alpha will serve high achieving high school students with opportunities for early career exploration, academic excellence recognition, scholarships, and leadership development. Psi Alpha chapters are eligible for charter at any high school offering psychology coursework, either directly through their curriculum or as part of an extension program.  Psi Beta and Psi Alpha chapters will have opportunities to work on collaborative projects together, building bridges and establishing a pipeline between high schools and community colleges. If you are interested in starting a Psi Alpha chapter, or know someone who is interested in starting a Psi Alpha chapter or wants to be involved with Psi Alpha, please go to or email the Executive Director at

Psi Beta has many avenues for engagement listed on the national website, so please take advantage of these. Of special interest is our National Research project, which has led to participation and student presentations at the local, regional, and national level. Consider having your chapter participate in the 2018-2019 study which will investigate the relationship between academic self-concept, course engagement, and instructor rapport.

Awards and scholarships offered through Psi Beta acknowledge chapters, advisors and individual members for their contributions to the mission of Psi Beta. Apply for any of these, which include College Life, Collaboration, Community Service, Chapter Excellence, and Faculty Advisor. The Anne Anastasi research and travel scholarships are also available with new regional scholarships being added soon, so be on the lookout!

As always, contact your regional vice-president or our national office if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you for all that you do to make Psi Beta National Honor Society the outstanding organization that it is.

With Great Enthusiasm,

Jennifer L. O’Loughlin-Brooks, M.S.
President of National Psi Beta
Professor of Psychology @ Collin College, Texas

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