Psi Beta Programming at the Annual APA Convention

August 3-6, 2023, in Washington, DC


All Psi Beta advisors and students are invited to attend Psi Beta’s events scheduled for this year’s American Psychological Association conference. All Psi Beta events will take place on Friday, August 4th. (Exact times and locations of our events are not yet assigned by the convention staff.)


I. STUDENT RESEARCH POSTER SESSION Friday morning. Exhibit Hall. Exact time TBA. Psi Beta is accepting proposals from members who would like to attend APA and present a research poster. Click Here



Presenter: Jaye Van Kirk, Mesa Community College (CA)
Title: Engage Students in Extracurricular Experiences and Watch Them Transform

High-impact practices can offer vital college experiences and help launch students toward their careers. It is important to ascertain the kinds of experiences that are most effective in enhancing student engagement. The opportunities for student growth are often based on the nature and frequency of high-impact practices. This presentation highlights high-impact practices of extracurricular activities such as involvement in honor societies and internships that inspire participatory learning. What underlies these experiences is mentoring faculty who are enthusiastic about acquainting students with opportunities to further develop and apply the skills acquired as Psychology majors. The interrelationships among high-impact practices, faculty mentoring, and student engagement will be highlighted. For faculty and students interested in being involved in experiences that can be transformative and meaningful, we look forward to seeing you at this presentation.



Presenter: Susan M. Orsillo, American Psychological Association
Title: Professional Development Opportunities and Teaching Resources Available to Those Who Teach Lower Division Psychology Courses at a Community College or University

Although many professional growth opportunities and teaching resources are available to those who primarily teach freshmen and sophomore psychology courses at a community college or university, many professors do not take advantage of them. In this symposium, Sue Orsillo will describe APA’s many teaching resources and opportunities for greater professional involvement. Robin Musselman will describe APA’s Introductory Psychology Initiative (IPI), and the strategies and resources for making the introductory psychology course a more effective and satisfying learning experience for students and instructors. Jerry Rudmann will describe Guidelines 3.0, especially its implications for community college psychology departments and teachers.  

Presenter: Robin Musselman, Lehigh Carbon Community College
Title: Implementing Recommendations of APA’s Introductory Psychology Initiative (IPI)

The introductory psychology course is a challenge to teach because of the volume of topics instructors feel compelled to cover. It is important also that with any innovation the course will continue to meet the requirements for articulation and transfer. Students who take this course are similarly challenged by the volume of material. The presenter will share strategies for presenting a more coherent course that also provides students with academic success strategies and a greater appreciation that psychology is a science that contributes to individual effectiveness and benefits society. This presentation will review recommendations from APA’s Introductory Psychology Initiative and how they have been implemented. 

Presenter: Jerry Rudmann, Psi Beta National Honor Society
Title: Implications of Guidelines 3.0 for Those Who Teach Freshman and Sophomore Psychology Courses

APA’s Guidelines for the Undergraduate Psychology Major present learning goals for psychology majors. As Guidelines 3.0, become available, what are the implications for those who teach lower-division psychology courses at a community college or university? To what extent can we expect professors and departments to embrace 3.0 to help ensure a more seamless experience for our transfer students? What are ways to introduce students to Guidelines 3.0 so our majors take greater responsibility for acquiring the learning goals in Guidelines 3.0 and achieving greater career readiness upon receiving the baccalaureate degree in psychology? In this session, Jerry Rudmann will suggest some strategies that answer these questions.


IV. PSI BETA AWARDS and SOCIAL HOUR(this event is shared with CABE and Psi Chi) – Friday 4 – 6 pm. Location TBA. 

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