Psi Beta Scholarships, Awards, and Competitions for 2023

Spring has arrived! Each spring, members can apply for one or more of Psi Beta’s competitions. Online applications are available for each competition. We accept applications for each award or competition between May 1 and June 1. Below is an overview. You can also visit the Psi Beta website for additional information and application information at Click Here.

ANNE ANASTASI MISSION SCHOLARSHIPS – This scholarship recognizes members who have engaged in activities that align with Psi Beta’s mission (i.e., leadership, service, research, or scholarship). This year we have 20 $500 scholarships. More details.

MACMILLAN LEARNING EMERGING RESEARCHER AWARD – All members who meet the emerging researcher criteria will qualify for an Emerging Research Award certificate. The first 20 winners will receive gift certificates for Psi Beta’s online store. We accept self-nominations between May 1 and June 1.

CAROL TRACY COMMUNITY SERVICE AWARD (Individual Member) – This competition recognizes a Psi Beta member who has performed exemplary community service work on behalf of their chapter. We award the winner a check for $500 and a certificate.

CHAPTER COMMUNITY SERVICE AWARD – A certificate and check ($100) go to the Psi Beta chapter that conducted an exemplary on-campus or community-based service project.

ANN E. GARRETT ROBINSON COLLEGE LIFE AWARD – A beautiful plaque is awarded for an innovative chapter project or program that uniquely promotes quality of life on a two-year campus, and advances the discipline of psychology, and/or promotes the mission of Psi Beta. (This is a chapter award, not an individual award.)

JOHNSON BUILDING BONDS AWARD – This award recognizes the Psi Beta chapter that collaborates with a Psi Chi chapter to conduct a significant event or project at the local, state, regional, or national level. The award is a beautiful plaque and $100 to the winning chapter. The chapter may be nominated by a chapter officer or by the faculty advisor. Psi Beta also awards a plaque to the participating Psi Chi chapter.

VIRGINIA STAUDT SEXTON FACULTY ADVISOR AWARD – A handsome plaque is awarded to an outstanding Psi Beta faculty advisor. Chapter officers or members can nominate their advisors. Because some chapters are fortunate to have two or more advisors who work together to oversee an excellent chapter and your members wish to submit a nomination for co-advisors to your chapter, you may do so. Be sure the nomination letter describes how each advisor has individually contributed to your chapter’s success.

CHAPTER EXCELLENCE AWARD – We award a recognition “plate” to any chapter that meets the chapter excellence standard. The standard reflects Psi Beta’s mission. The recognition plate can be attached to the “perpetual plaque” (available for purchase from the Psi Beta store). Moreover, Psi Beta sends out a chapter excellence press release to the college president of each winning chapter – a great way to give your chapter the college-wide recognition it deserves.

APPLICATION PERIOD – All award and competition applications are accepted between May 1 and June 1 each year.

APPLICATION PROCEDURE – Go to Awards on the Psi Beta website to drill down for more information and the online application form. All forms become available between May 1 and June 1.

WHO CAN PARTICIPATE – Psi Beta’s competitions are open to all Psi Beta student members currently attending their chapter’s community college. Psi Beta members who have transferred to a university are no longer eligible.

Also….submissions are being accepted for the October 2023 issue of Psi Beta’s STUDENT RESEARCH JOURNAL – BRIEF REPORTS. The submission period ends June 15th. Go to for details. The Psi Beta journal is peer-reviewed, so only the top 9-10 submissions are accepted for each issue. Authors of unaccepted submissions are referred on to other undergraduate research journals. 

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