Review of 1st Annual Psi Beta Teaching Conference

By Todd Joseph
National President, Psi Beta

On Friday December 2, 2022, Psi Beta hosted our 1st annual Virtual Teaching Conference. We had over 160 teachers of psychology participate! It was a wonderful opportunity for teachers to get some interesting faculty development and make connections to others in the teaching of psychology community (and it was free for Psi Beta advisors!) A list of the presenters and their talks is below. The video of the talks can be found by clicking on this link Psi Beta’s 1st Annual Teaching of Psychology Conference Video (Dr. White’s talk was not recorded to protect personal information shared during the talk). We plan on holding another one in the fall; watch your email for an announcement in a few months!


 David Myers: Misinformation and Education in a Post-Truth Age 

Cathy Faye: Teaching and Learning with the National Museum of Psychology 

Karen Brakke: An update on APA and CABE Resources Available to Faculty 

Kelly Steelman: Use of Social Media For and With the Current Generation of Students 

Cheryl Talley & Rihanna Mason: The Hidden Curriculum, and the Second Curriculum:  Enhancing academic identity in the teaching of Psychology. 

Noland White: Research on ADHD and Its Application in the Classroom 

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