Your organization may be eligible to become a Psi Beta Partner

(Never heard of Psi Beta? See a brief description below.)

Partnership opportunities include:

Competition Sponsor

Fund an annual competition that encourages and recognizes student excellence. Psi Beta will name your organization for the competition title (e.g., The [ your organization’s name here ] Community Service Award).

Our competitions include:

  • Community Service – e.g., volunteer work in the local community, setting up a food bank, conducting a textbook drive for financially-challenged students.
    Student Research Excellence – Under the guidance of a faculty mentor, students are encouraged to experience psychology’s research process. All students who meet our research excellence standards are recognized for their achievement.
    Chapter Excellence – Some chapters thrive by successfully providing their student members with an impressive array of high-impact learning experiences. All local chapters that meet our Chapter Excellence standard are recognized.
    Advisor of the Year – Students nominate their chapter advisor for contributing countless volunteer hours to mentor them and help their chapter function.


Psi Beta offers advertising that will help you connect with undergraduate psychology’s most elite students and teachers. Our student members excel now and after they transfer to the university. Over 1,100 students join Psi Beta each year. Psi Beta’s chapter advisors represent 200+ of the nation’s most influential teachers. Psi Beta’s publications offer the following types of advertising space:

      • Newsletter – Currently, Psi Beta issues three newsletters per year (we plan to expand the number of issues). We blast each newsletter out to 4,500 subscribers. We archive all newsletters on our website where current and lifetime members (and the public) can access them at any time.
      • Chapter Handbook – The handbook provides Psi Beta members and advisers with the structure, background, and resources available to get the most from Psi Beta and offers guidance for having a thriving chapter.  A new and improved Chapter Handbook is due on August 15, 2021. We will format the handbook to be an electronic flipbook. Members and advisers will be able to download a PDF version of the student handbook.
      • Student Research Journal – We will publish the first issue of the student research journal in October 2021. We anticipate that many Psi Beta students, friends, and family members will visit the online journal to learn what kinds of research Psi Beta students are conducting and concluding from their studies.
      • Added BonusPartner Listing on Psi Beta Website – We will list all organizations – at no cost – on the Psi Beta website’s  “Partners” page.  The partner listing will include any organization that engages in any of the options described above. The Psi Beta Partner’s page will list, in alpha order, each partner. A partner listing can include your organization’s name, logo, link(s), and a 40-word description of your service or product as it relates to our students and faculty.
Psi Beta is the national honor society in psychology for students attending America’s 2-year colleges. Psi Beta’s mission is to promote life and career skills such as leadership, teamwork, research, and civic service.  Psi Beta, founded in 1981, has 160 chapters, adds 1,200 new members each year, and today has 35,000+ lifetime members. One or more full-time professors advise each chapter. 

For more information, please contact Todd Joseph, Executive Director. Here is a link to our electronic option form. We hope to hear from you! CLICK HERE

Todd Joseph
Executive Director
Psi Beta National Honor Society

Psi Beta
Certified member of the National Association of College Honor Societies, Affiliate of the American Psychological Association, and Affiliate of the American Psychological Society