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Pay It Forward Scholarship

GUIDELINES - This scholarship covers the lifetime registration fee ($50) for a student who is eligible for Psi Beta membership and who QUALIFIES for the scholarship. Each chapter is allocated two Pay It Forward scholarships per academic year. (Psi Beta's academic year is August 15 to the following June 30th.) As your chapter's primary advisor, please be thoughtful when awarding this scholarship. A "qualified" student is a student who a) meets Psi Beta's eligibility criteria, and b) is eligible for college financial aid or has one or more specific financial needs. Unused scholarships do not carry forward to the next year. Thank you in advance for awarding this scholarship thoughtfully. Psi Beta appreciates your help in awarding the Pay It Forward scholarship.
  • Enter the name of the college that hosts a Psi Beta chapter.
  • On the chapter's primary advisor can approve a Pay It Forward scholarship.
  • In case we need to contact you, please enter your email address.
  • Please enter the full name of the student(s) so we can mark their lifetime membership fee paid.
  • Please enter the induction date scheduled for this (these) student(s).
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