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May 3, 2010


Dear Psi Beta advisor,


As of today a new, optional system is available for registering students! While you can continue to register students using the old method, you may find this new process easier. In a nutshell, our database experts have developed a procedure in which advisors can invite potential Psi Beta members to visit the Psi Beta website and input their names and contact information. At a later time, the advisor can log on to the advisor portal, approve all eligible students, and produce an invoice. Besides saving advisors valuable time, we expect that the new procedure will help ensure that all students’ names are spelled correctly.


This link will take you to a 5 minute video designed to explain the new registration process now available to you. The video also explains how to register chapter advisors as Psi Beta members, and how to register an honorary member.


We’ve done months of testing to make sure the new process works, but there is always a possibility of unexpected bugs. If you encounter any problems please email Kathryn Westcott and Jerry Rudmann at once.


Thank you and have a terrific day.


-Jerry Rudmann

Executive Director

Psi Beta

Psi Beta
Certified member of the National Association of College Honor Societies, Affiliate of the American Psychological Association, and Affiliate of the American Psychological Society