This journal is an opportunity to showcase empirical research completed by Psi Beta students while attending a 2-year institution. Now members can publish their research in a peer-reviewed online journal. The submission period is May 1 to June 15 each year.  The first issue appeared in November of 2021.

Submission Criteria - Article Requirements
  • A psychology-related study that involved gathering and analysis of data
  • Conducted and written with the guidance of a faculty mentor
  • Limited to 5 pages of narrative (when set to 1.5 line spacing)
  • Written in APA style (7th Edition, but with a few modifications we require for our journal)
  • Your research paper or research proposal conforms closely to the criteria guide you can download on the journal website (under the "Submissions" tab) 
  • IRB-approved


Call for Associate Editors

Volunteer Associate Editors are asked to perform blind reviews of submissions. We also will assign Associate Editors to work with authors to bring accepted articles into full compliance with our journal article standards. Associate Editors must have successfully completed introductory research and statistical methods courses, be in upper-division psychology (or beyond), and lifetime members of Psi Beta. Associate Editor experience will strengthen your CV.
Click Here to apply for an Associate Editor position.

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