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Collaboration Grants – Click Here for Complete Details
Background – In order to encourage collaborative and cooperative activities and projects between Psi Beta and Psi Chi chapters, a Collaborative Grant has been established to help nearby Psi Beta and Psi Chi chapters carry out collaborative events. Grant funding will allow seed money ($500) for collaborating chapter pairs ($250 to the Psi Beta chapter, $250 to the Psi Chi chapter). All applicants for the Collaboration Grant will automatically be entered in the Building Bonds Award Competition. The Collaboration Grant is open to all active Psi Beta chapters and Psi Chi chapters. Chapters are eligible for just one grant per year. Four collaboration grants are being awarded each academic year. Proposals for a Fall project are due August 1st. Proposals for a Spring project are due on February 15th. Project reports (Fall and Spring) are due June 1.

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