Psi Beta University features a variety of videos (some brief, some lengthier) designed as resources for Psi Beta members, officers, and advisors. We are continually adding to Psi Beta U’s library.  Please send requests or suggestions for contributions via our contact form (click here).

The Induction Ceremony – Above are brief videos that can be shown at an induction. The “virtual induction” video is useful for both a virtual or in-person induction ceremony. The “introduction to Psi Beta” video is brief and can be used at an induction ceremony to quickly introduce guests to Psi Beta. The introduction video can also be shown at a member recruitment meeting. 

Chapter Leadership Roles – Psi Beta chapters offer a variety of ways in which members can acquire leadership experiences. Our first video presents a brief interview with Casey Boyd. Casey serves as the Chapter Delegate at San Diego Mesa College. Additional leadership videos interviews will appear here as they become available.  

Careers in Psychology Interviews – Dr. Kimberley Duff has been conducting video interviews of psychologists working in very different areas. Learn the pathways these psychologists took to their present careers. Discover what their typical workday involves. 

BA to Work Stories – Above are several short videos of Psi Beta members who entered the workforce directly after completing their Psychology BA degree. Each talks about skills, knowledge, and experiences attained as a psychology major and how they have applied them on the job.

Psi Beta
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