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An Investigation of College Connectedness Factors During a National Pandemic

Primary Focus

This study investigates factors hypothesized to be associated with the connection students feel toward their college campus. Connectedness (the Dependent Variable) will be measured by the Campus Connectedness Scale.  Factors (i.e., possible Independent Variables) that may relate or predict college connectedness include the following:

  • Dealing with Covid
  • Shyness
  • Interpersonal communication self-efficacy
  • Social media use and preferences
  • The Big Five Inventory (brief scale)

Learning Objectives for This StudyClick Here


  • The data collection period began on October 10, 2021.
  • The data college period will end on February 15, 2022. Recruit at least 30 participants (more is better), then run your participants by having them complete the research questionnaire.
  • Chapters should apply for local IRB approval as soon as possible.
  • A copy of the IRB proposal submitted at our home college – click here
  • The approved proposed from Irvine Valley College – click here
  • For a PDF copy of the study questionnaire – click here
  • Codebook of items – click here
  • Background information on the Connectedness and Communication scales used in this year’s study – click here
  • Recruit participants using the following recommended procedures
    • Instructor recruitment script – click here
    • Student (participant) recruitment script – click here
    • Participant tracking form – click here (Note: This is an example. Each chapter will need to make and manage its own version of this form. This form can be used to acquire student email addresses so you can send them a link to the study. The form can also be used to provide participant information to any instructors who agree to provide extra credit for their students to participate.)
  • Attend our webinar on data preparation and analysis – late February 2022.

***To Participate*** Notify Psi Beta headquarters if your chapter will participate in this year’s study. Use this link – click here – to notify the national office.

      • After we receive your notification to participate in this year’s study, Psi Beta’s national office will forward a link to the online study. You can then email the link to your participants.
      • Your name will be added to the “college name” item on the research questionnaire. This will make it easier to separate out your participants from the entire data set when you analyze the data in February

More Information on the Study’s Measures 

  • Campus Connectedness (Tucker & Rudmann, 2008)
    Unpublished instrument, Irvine Valley College Department of Psychology.
  • Shyness  (Weyer & Carducci, 2001)
    Weyer, C. Y., & Carducci, B. J. (2001, August). The three-component model of shyness: Conceptual, correlational, and treatment considerations. Post presentation at the annual meeting of the American Psychological Association, San Francisco.
  • Interpersonal Communication Efficacy Scales – (Tucker & Rudmann, 2009)
    Unpublished instrument, Irvine Valley College Department of Psychology.
  • Social Media Usage Aims Scale (Hozum, 2016)
    Horzum, M. H. (2016). Examining the relationship to gender and personality on the purpose of Facebook usage of Turkish university students. Computers in Human Behavior, 64, 319-328.
  • Social Media Use Questionnaire – (Xanidis & Brignell, 2016)
    Xanidis, N., & Brignell, C. M. (2016). The association between the use of social network sites, sleep quality and cognitive function during the day. Computers in Human Behavior, 55, 121–126.
  • Ten Item Personality Inventory (TIPI) (Gosling et al.,2003)
    Gosling, S. D., Rentfrow, P. J., & Swann, W. B., Jr.(2003). A Very Brief Measure of the Big FivePersonality Domains. Journal of Research in Personality,37, 504-528.

Potential Hypotheses (the following are just a few examples)

  • The will be a negative correlation between shyness and campus connectedness.
  • There will be a negative correlation between Extraversion (Big 5) and shyness.
  • There will be a negative correlation between shyness and interpersonal communication self-efficacy.
  • Shy people will report great reliance on and use of social media.
  • Extraversion will correlate have a positive correlation with interpersonal communication comfort.
  • The average campus connectedness score will be lower compared to the average connectedness scores from several years ago (prior to Covid-19). NOTE: We measured Campus Connectedness in several prior national research studies. Data from those studies will be made available along with the data from the current study (after February 15, 2022).


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