Welcome and thank you for your interest in Psi Beta

To join Psi Beta, your college must have a chapter, so the first thing to do is to determine whether your college has a Psi Beta chapter. Ask one of the full-time psychology professors at your college, contact the student activities office, or visit and search your college website. If your college does not have a chapter, consider persuading a psychology professor to begin the process of chartering a new chapter so that you can join. The forms and procedure for starting a new chapter can be found on this website. The national office will do everything possible to expedite the formation of a new chapter at your college.

Membership requirements

Due to Psi Beta being a nationally recognized honor society there are certain academically related qualifications required for membership:

  • You have completed a college psychology course with a grade of B or higher.
  • You have completed 12 units of college coursework with a cumulative college GPA of 3.25 or higher, or your GPA is within the top 35% of GPAs at your college.
  • You have an interest in psychology.
  • You have good standing in the community.
  • You pay a $50 one time, lifetime fee.

Note: The eligibility criteria listed above represents the minimum. Local chapters are free to adopt higher standards (e.g., 3.5 GPA).

Next steps

After your chapter advisor has verified that you meet the eligibility requirements to join Psi beta, the advisor will schedule an induction ceremony and send you an invitation by email. The invitation email will include a link to a member registration form and from there you will enter your information and pay your one-time lifetime membership fee of $50 via PayPal or credit card.

(Note: in some cases, the chapter collects the membership fees from students and sends a single check to the Psi Beta National Office to cover all students being inducted. Your chapter advisor will inform you if that fee arrangement is in place. In most cases, however, students pay their membership fee online at the time of registration.)

Psi Beta
Certified member of the National Association of College Honor Societies, Affiliate of the American Psychological Association, and Affiliate of the American Psychological Society