Once you have a list of students who are eligible and interested in joining your Psi Beta chapter, schedule a “registration day” and time in a vacant classroom or computer lab. Log on to the advisor portal on the Psi Beta website, enter an induction date, then have each eligible and interested student come forward and type his/her email address into the registration screen in your advisor account. Suggest that they enter their personal email address (e.g., Gmail, Yahoo, or another) instead of their college email address. Having each student enter their email address will avoid typos that result in the student not receiving the invitation email. Using students’ personal email accounts avoids having their invitation email screened out by your college spam filter settings.

After all prospective students have entered their emails, then click on the submit button. In a few minutes, students should be able to verify receipt of their email invitation. If they did, now they can register and pay their fee immediately. If they did not receive the email, you can take corrective action by editing the email address and resending the invitation to another of the student’s email addresses.

NOTE: Although it is tempting – and logical – to ask your IT or research department to download a list of currently enrolled students at your college who are eligible for Psi Beta, please DO NOT use the Psi Beta registration system to invite all the eligible students from such a download. Doing so will crash our system. Experience has shown that the majority of eligible students at a college will not want to join Psi Beta because of a variety of reasons (work and family obligations, busy lifestyle, etc.), so please invite only students who are eligible AND who have already expressed an interest in joining. Thank you for honoring this guideline; doing so will save much frustration.


Psi Beta

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